Article Type

Original Research

Original Research articles describe the original research and experimental study with clear methodology. The results of the research should be reported precisely along with the interpretation and discussion with previous published work.


Review section covers both long and mini-reviews. The articles cover topics that have gained significant important recently and may have potential impact in near future. The reviews should have comprehensive depth, intellectual insight, balanced perspective, and broad general interest.

Short Communication

Short communication articles allow researchers to contribute the novelty of their research especially when the data set is limited but based on the interpretation of facts. However, weaknesses and/or strengths of previously published work or scientific theory can also be considered as short communication article.


Commentaries provide critical comments and scholarly notes on a previous publication; published in either BES or any other journal. Commentary should address the main loopholes of the previous study and should be supported with scientific evidences. A commentary can be extended to full length manuscripts depending upon importance of the topic. Commentaries are peer-reviewed and should be properly substantiated, with typically at least five references.

Letter to Editor

A letter to the editor provides a means of communication between the author of an article and the reader of a journal, allowing continued dialog about journal content to take place. Moreover, it may provide new insight, make corrections, offer alternate theories, or request clarification about content printed in the journal. By providing additional information, the evidence may be strengthened.